Medical Representatives Training

To bring their innovative medicines to the market, pharmaceutical companies rely on their Medical Representatives to educate healthcare professionals about their products. Medical Representatives should be able to provide technical explanations about their companies' products in accurate, fair and ethical manner.

All International Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Groups' Medical Representatives should be trained properly and possess sufficient medical and technical knowledge, which are verified with certificates issued by a respected independent institution.

IPMG ensures that at least 90% of all the Medical Representatives working for its members are certified and that they are being reviewed every six months through a regular survey.

IPMG is of the opinion that certification should be made compulsory for all Medical Representatives working for both multinational and national pharmaceutical companies.

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Medical Representatives Training
» Hainan Province, Hengda Health and Korean Yuanchen Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement
Boao, China - In the evening on March 29, Hong Kong listed company New Media (HK.708) (to be changed into Hengda Health Industry Co., Ltd.) announced that it has signed a strategic investment cooperation framework agreement with the Management Committee of the pioneer district of the international medical tourism in Lecheng, Boao, Hainan Province; and Korean Yuanchen Medical Cosmetology Group on March 28 to establish an international medical cosmetology and anti-aging center at the above mentioned pioneer district. An original report from Sina Leju follows.

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» BPOM seizes Rp 150 m worth of fake drugs distributed online
The National Drug and Food Monitoring Agency (BPOM), in conducting its fifth Pangea Operation, has seized thousands of illegal and fake drugs marketed online.

BPOM chairwoman Lucky S.Slamet said Monday that during the operation, her agency had identified 83 websites that allegedly distributed illegal and fake drugs, up from the 30 sites it uncovered during the previous Pangea Operation in 2011. Read full article here .
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