Biosimilars, or follow-on biologics, are the terms used to describe officially approved new versions of existing biopharmaceuticals whose patents have expired
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ADCC (Antibody-dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity)

An immune response in which antibodies, by coating target cells, make them vulnerable to attack by cells of the immune system which then may destroy the target cell. This effect appears to be an important factor in the efficacy of some monoclonal antibodies used in tumour therapy.

Dimeric and higher multiple forms of a desired product, e.g. a → protein. These are generally resolved from the desired product and product-related substances, and quantitated by appropriate analytical procedures (e.g., by size exclusion chromatography, → capillary electrophoresis). (ICH Q6B, ).
see → HSA (human serum albumin).

A spectrum of → proteins of the immunoglobulin family that is produced, in the human (or animal) body, in response to an → antigen (e.g., a virus or bacterium, or a foreign protein unknown to the body’s immune system). Antibodies are able to combine with and neutralize the antigen, as well as to stimulate the immune system for defense reactions. ( )

A substance that reacts with the products of a specific immune response. Antigens are not necessarily → immunogens: there are small molecules (called “haptens”) which are non-immunogenic - i.e., they would not
induce an immune response when administered by themselves, but will do it when coupled to a carrier molecule. Free haptens, however, can react with products of this immune response. Thus, haptens have
the property of antigenicity but not immunogenicity.
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